Microdosing Yoga

Businesswoman Meditating at Desk

“ Short moments, Many Times ” – Y.M. Rinpoche

What is Microdosing Yoga?

Microdosing Yoga is the intentional use of simple yoga practices to help us navigate the ups and downs of daily life. It is a helpful yoga practice that can be implemented throughout the day to quickly reset mood, energy and our nervous system. Over time, this practices also builds the “muscle of empowerment,” enhancing the belief that we all have the inner resources we need to move through whatever arises. Microdosing Yoga is for all people, even folks with no prior background in yoga.

Man Meditating on Bed Facing Open Window

The practices utilized during a Microdosing Reset are drawn from several yoga trainings and traditions, including Kripalu Yoga, LifeForce Yoga® and other ancient wisdom practices. All Yoga styles draw from ancient sources, and any and all practices can be become wonderful resources for you to choose from for your daily Microdose. The goal of Microdosing Yoga is to be able to find the right practice that matches your needs in any given moment, knowing that what we need changes and flows over time, and with the emotion we are experiencing. For instance, with the current Pandemic you may notice an increase in your level of fear and anxiety. Your Microdosing practice would be created to match that need. If you’d like to try it out, please watch the videos below that I recently recorded.

You can also find resources on my website with some Yoga books that have easy and accessible practices to choose from. Or you can come to my Virtual Microdosing Yoga Class on Mondays at noon.