Dr. Lubetkin Featured on LifeForce Yoga Website

January 8, 2015

Dr. Deborah Lubetkin was recently featured on the LifeForce Yoga website in an article titled “Yoga Connections 2014.”

Below is an excerpt:

yoga-connectionsLast month I traveled to Ofakim, Israel, a small town in the South of Israel just 28 kilometers from Gaza. I joined a Greater Metrowest Federation P2G (Partnership 2Gether) program called Yoga Connections that a dear friend of mine, Leslie Gurland started 4 years ago in Essex County, New Jersey. On the trip, I volunteered to provide LifeForce Yoga to a variety of people and programs throughout this community. Our journey began only 3 months after the July-August airstrikes on Israel. Ofakim, meaning “horizons” is a community in the Negev in southern Israel that has been hard-hit by missile attacks since its formation as a development town in 1955. Close to the Gaza border, Ofakim was built to receive the large number of immigrants arriving from North Africa, and later, the Soviet Union.”

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Dr. Lubetkin Featured in Montclair Patch

October 1, 2010

Dr. Deborah Lubetkin was recently featured online  in a  Montclair Patch article titled
“Yoga With a Mission: LifeForce Yoga ® Designed to Clear “Blockages of Energy’ “

Below is an excerpt:

Dr. Deborah Lubetkin has been practicing psychotherapy for over 15years. But over these years, she felt there was something missing. “I had trained in and explored many other options including training in hypnosis and mindfulness-based stress relaxation. Yet, none of them ever really resonated with me or felt like a good or natural ‘fit’ with the therapy,” Lubetkin said. She continued her search for the “body” component in the mind-body-spirit triad.

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LifeForce Yoga®

The intention of a LifeForce Yoga® practice is to clear blockages of energy that have accumulated over the course of a lifetime. When energy is blocked, psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression commonly emerge. Clearing the whole mind-body-spirit unit brings balance into one’s life, both regulating mood symptoms and preventing them from reoccurring.
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